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  1. Fred Broski says:

    Hi Loreta: Thanks for your Holiday greetings! You are quite a talent. Keep up the good work. You must barely be over 60.

    Fred B

  2. Donna says:

    Hi Loreta, don’t know if you remember me or not but I worked for Dr. David Beisiegel for 9 years and you and Johnnie used to come there. I knew you were an artist but never knew what a GREAT artist you are. What fun seeing your work. A new shop has gone in at a place in Peculiar, where we live now and I saw some of your works on display. I wonder if you have anything for a dining room area that would be affordable for someone like me?

  3. I’m writing some artist friends to see if you would like to participate in the Trinity Lutheran Church Religious Art Show in October. Mark Weber will be the juror. The work doesn’t need to be religious in nature. The theme is ‘God of Grace and God of Glory’ which is very broad and would include anything beautiful I would think. We are about ready to send out the artist letter and I want to see if you would be interested in more information. I also want to be sure to have your correct address

  4. Brigitte Romano says:

    Hello Loreta-
    Really love “the Lady in Red” .
    Do you offer it in any replicas? The original or Giclee ?
    Would love to have copy or original.
    Thank you-B. Romano

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